Posted by: shatteredblog | June 3, 2009

The Call of the Peacock – Part 2

Raising an army to Anashti’Sul is an easy task, as her followers lie buried in the Sinking Sands. Part three of the deity quest involved finding a Sul’Dal elf mystic to spread the word withing the Silent City, and then a quick trip to the Obelisk of Lost Souls to pick up reality anchors. The anchors, along with some essence of shadowed man would allow the goddess to spawn a portal to the void and bring forth her army of brutes.

For the next task the Plumetor asked again for assistance gathering power for the goddess. The dark elves had carried away the Ewer of Sul’Dae, but with some water from the Pool of Immortality in Living Tombs the goddess could take it back to it’s rightful place catching the waters of the River of Life. Some coercion was needed to find the location of the ewer in Neriak, but this was accomplished with little problem.

The last step in Anashti’Sul s return was a trip to meet her avatar in the Empowered Fountain of Life, to obtain her gift to the priests of Nife. A small token of her power, to change their hearts and show them the true way of immortality.

EQ2_000271The Plumetor had a plan to herald Anashti’s return to the priests of Nife outside their Temple of Life. My job was to administer the gift of undeath to several priests in Antonica then meet with and make a distraction for the Plumetor to go in and preach to the assembled non converted priests. This was an amazing scene, with Wpus and I watching as the Plumetor bravely stood with her five zombie converts to show the others the power of the Forgotten Goddess.

EQ2_000272Such a well written quest series, and a real blast to go through. Kudos to the developers who designed this one, it was an amazing in game experience!

Back to Norrath for me, until next time everyone!


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