Posted by: shatteredblog | June 9, 2009

Flying on Venekor Air

The 3+1 guild on Kithicor has made a goal out of collecting as many trophies as a small guild can in the game. This is possible because the heads for the trophies are body drops and can be looted from trivial encounters. You’ve probably already read about the time before I joined, when Gynok, Darathar, Godking and most recently Vox loaned their heads for our decorating pleasure. There aren’t many more  we could do by ourselves, but there is one that is elusive and tantalizing… the dragon I had no idea even existed.

EQ2_000278Venekor is a level 55 Epic x4 that hangs out in the Temple of Cazic Thule, and he is real after all. I was watching on Hamal this morning as he lazily glided into the zone and landed in the courtyard, looking very proud of himself. We quickly mobilized the troops and went after him but alas, no head. Hamal will be on the lookout for him to wing in again so perhaps we’ll have better luck next time.

Hope everyone is enjoying their week, whichever world you choose to spend it in!


  1. hiya

    We didn’t get the head trophy from the contested version of Venekor either 😦 I think that although eq2wiki reports that it drops there – it doesnt…
    However, we did get it from him in Halls of Seeing though if that’s any help.

    good luck 🙂

  2. I’ve been keeping an eye out for him on AB with Malfi, as I complete OLD OLD quests in the Temple. I’m thinking of pulling together raids to go after the older content heads for our guild. I think that would be awesome! I love the trophies. They look great!

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