Posted by: shatteredblog | June 20, 2009

Poem of the Undying’s Grace

Something I wrote to be my second in game book, look for your copy on the broker in Kithicor!


Poem of the Undying’s Grace
by Shatteredsoul

O Forgotten Goddess
One of many names
Prime Healer
Desolate One
Void Mistress
Of your beauty and gifts I sing

You who were the Queen of the Sul’dae
Beloved of Anuk
Your crown shines in the darkness
The feathers that adorn it
A beautiful display

Your divine beauty inspired
The beauty of your works
The gifts of life everlasting
The beauty of undeath
Vampires, zombies and preserved ones
Owe their lives to you

O Forgotten Goddess
Were that I worthy of your gift!
My body young forever
My spirit living within
My strength augmented
Infused by your embrace

With such power who could doubt
The depth of your love
The heretics need only look
At the beauty of the vampire
At the strength of the lich
To know the desire your worship provokes

Anashti, Queen
Forgotten Goddess
Smile upon all mortals
From your palace in the void
I hear the call of the peacock
And its feathers are quite beautiful



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