Posted by: shatteredblog | August 19, 2009

Views from Gen Con 2009 – 1

Went to Gen Con in Indianapolis last week, and had a really great time playing games and meeting people. Going to separate my pictures into two posts I think, so this will be the first!


There were so many people there, the estimates I heard were between 30,000 and 35,000 over the four day weekend. If attendance was down because of the economy or anything it certainly didn’t seem so to me! This image is in the Dealer Room just looking over the mass of people there.


It seemed like there were many people there specifically to play TCGs, and Magic and WoW were both having tournament events all weekend. I also saw Chaotic, Cthulhu, Legends of Norrath and many other games being played. Even had a chance to go to an event hosted by the Continuing Committee, a fan group keeping the Star Trek CCG alive. If I’d known I would have brought my old cards to play again!


The Wizards of the Coast folks had this amazing statue of the Serra Angel sitting at the top of one of the escalators in the convention hall. Really fabulous, and I’m glad this picture turned out as well as it did.

Check back tomorrow for more pictures! 🙂


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