Posted by: shatteredblog | August 20, 2009

Views from Gen Con 2009 – 2

This is part two of my Gen Con pictures, for your viewing pleasure!


The SOE Meet and Greet was on Thursday night, and though my phone camera was not good enough to take pictures at the event I do have this picture of my Phat Lewts! Got to meet Zatozia, Grimwell, Brasse and several cool players of EQ and EQ2. Also got to talk with Chuck and Daryl of SOE Denver about LoN, and the old days. Had a really great time, thanks to everyone who was there!


Beckett had a booth at the con as well, and I got to meet the editor Doug Kale (who you might also know as Stargrace’s boss!) They were there selling the latest copies of MOG and their new offerings, Twilight Magazine and Beckett: Bakugan. Anyone who bought a magazine got a spin on the prize wheel for free goodies! It was great to meet Doug and tell him how much I like what they’re doing with the magazine and website.


Humor me, I put in another picture of the Serra Angel because I think it’s just so cool.

Have a great gaming day today everyone! Gen Con 2009 is long over, but I’m already looking forward to 2010!


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