Posted by: shatteredblog | September 4, 2009

Embracing the Power

It’s something you just can’t explain to non MMO gamers, something they think can’t happen or they just find disgusting. You get the feeling most game companies would rather ignore it, and some of them even have specific language in their EULAs against other companies encouraging it to happen. But happen it does, and when it does I don’t think anyone who plays in that world can deny it’s a beautiful thing.


I think it’s something about making a beautiful world that brings people together that gives MMOs the spark of magic they have. It’s refreshing to see in the recent update to the EQ marketplace that SOE is offering a special Wedding Chapel instance to players who want to make their in game romance something official. When I played Everquest I was blessed to attend two wedding ceremonies, both of which were incredibly beautiful and special. In those days, the Game Masters themselves would turn out to officiate, and hand out treats to everyone for the celebration afterwards.


Now that they’re offering Wedding Chapels perhaps the ceremony will be a less public event, but with the choice of light and dark settings and beautiful flowers it will be even more magical. Big thank you to SOE and everyone involved with this for what you do, you understand what these worlds you create mean to the people who live in them.

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