Posted by: shatteredblog | September 29, 2009

Shards of Destiny Interlude

The new game update went live last week, and there’s lots to love! But I’ll talk about that later… first I want to crumb a little about something that’s been on my mind since last week.

So I’ve done some posting of helms that display on the sarnak here, and I’ve appreciated that most of the new appearance armor that has been made available in the marketplace has been visible on the sarnak model, so kudos to Sony for that.Speaking of, there are a couple new ones now:

EQ2_000318This is the Circlet of Mums, which is also the graphic for the Circlet of Daisies and Circlet of Deathly Daisies, which are white and black respectively. I like the flower circlet look.

EQ2_000316And this is the Crusader’s Helm of Rovellan. It’s odd that just the faceguard from the normal graphic is reproduced, but it does look like it would be good protection for scaly sarnak snouts. The graphic is shared by the helm in the Fleshwound Platemail crate as well.

What bothers me though, and it’s just me probably is that there isn’t a hood. The recent Tier’dal Executioner armor set included a cool hood and mask, similar to an assassin class helm but it shows as generic leather on me. I also recently finished my Hoo’loh helm on the sarnak, something I hadn’t considered a high priority because I knew it didn’t look like a hood on me. What does it look like you ask?


Yeah, it looks like Hoo’loh flew over me and pooped all over my head. Thanks Hoo’loh.

So now comes Shards of Destiny, which I am really enjoying and the new changes are great. One of the big ones is the Chronomages, who will let you mentor for a fee without having someone of the appropriate level there with you. There are representatives in every city, and Gorowyn is no exception. And the sarnak who gives quests with the Gorowyn chronomages?

He has a hood.


I tried asking Claurk where he got it, and he said the Quellithulians make them… then I asked if the merchant there beside him sells them, and he said no. I was heartbroken, because his hood looks so cool!

Devs, please please please give us a hood sarnak can wear! Maybe I’d be the only one who would wear it, but I would wear it with pride. It would be the piece of gear I build outfits around. It would be my best dress armor. I’d be a sneaky assassin with it. Please?

There actually is one hood with this graphic available in the game, but I can’t wear it. It’s the cloth that the Order of Rime armor merchant sells. And it’s mage only. 😦


Maybe as a kind gesture make the cloth on the Rime merchant wearable by all? Please?

More Shards of Destiny talk next time.


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