Posted by: shatteredblog | October 12, 2009



I got a few of my closest friends from instances together for a group photo tonight… I’m building up quite a collection now 🙂 The Chronomagic Chronomissions are unbroken now, and I’ve been doing them every day to get the plushies for my collection. So far I’ve been able to solo everything shy of Nizara… the Nektropos: Tribulation zone was quite tough but I got through it.

I love this new concept. It refreshes those old zones and lets people go back and do them again… and it gives people some realization just how strong they have become. I don’t think it’s a mistake that the task giver tells you each time that hopefully you learned something about yourself. I think it’s true.


Recently I’ve been interested in getting appearance weapons. Either things that I can solo, such as the Burning Beam above from Mines of Meldrath, or something from a more difficult zone. I’m looking for suggestions on this, I want something that will go well in the offhand with my epic, and or match other things. On my list already are a few things from Emerald Halls, and the dagger from Dracoliche (which I can’t solo, heh…) and Essensia, from the SoS quest (I think it will go well with Greenmist, if I ever finish that quest.) If you all out there have other ideas let me know!

Back to working on our little guild on Oasis, dinged 23 today. Not much more to go until we have a guild hall! Hope everyone is having a wonderful night.


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