Posted by: shatteredblog | October 18, 2009

Sarnak Celebrations


Sarnak know how to party, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I spent the afternoon going through the Nights of the Dead content in EQ2, both old and new. Of course, halloween comes with costumes and masks, and as last year I thought I would have the scaly one model some of this fall’s fashions for you. Above is one I didn’t pick up last year, the arrow mask reward from the old haunted house in qeynos/freeport. Looks good, it’s a classic gag and it works well.


Also returning from last year is the nightblood mask, which I think looks extra creepy on a sarnak because you can see my snout poking out of the mouth. My horns also give the side of the nightblood head a little extra pointy flavor. Overall, a really nice effect. This is one of the mid level (75+ points) prizes for trick or treating.


The one I’m really excited about (and wearing now!) is the skeleton mask you can pick up in the old haunted house zone. I didn’t do it last year so I have no idea if it’s always looked this way on a sarnak but WOW! How cool do I look? I was hoping that the cursed skeleton mask reward from the trick or treat quest would also have this graphic but with the green and black effect, but unfortunately I was disappointed. This is cool enough to build an outfit around though, definetly!


The new high level reward for trick or treating is this one, the snarling werewolf mask. As you can see, it’s very broken for sarnak… my horns are visible without a head for them to be attached to. On a non sarnak this one is really very cool, so kudos to the team for giving it too us. If the skeleton were a big goofy skull on me I might have been disappointed, but the skull helm graphic is so cool that I’m forgiving this one.

I also had the chance to do the new Hollow Hedge instance a few times today. In addition to a plushie with the new scarecrow graphic and one of a black colored harpy (very cool) I picked up an appearance-only Axe of Decapitation that I’m using in offhand appearance now. Check it out, the Headless fellow in the instance wields two of these and looks pretty sweet.EQ2_000326Next time, more fun in Norrath! See you all then.

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