Posted by: shatteredblog | November 8, 2009

NaNoWriMo – Week One

Well, week one of National Novel Writing Month has passed… and I wish I could say I’m on pace to hit the goal of 50,000 words by the 30th. The truth is I’m not, but when I started this I decided it was going to be a way for me to challenge myself and do something I’ve never done before and the final word count isn’t really important. What’s important is that I’m writing a real story, with characters and plot and action and drama and it’s all from inside me. I don’t have a whole story yet, or even an outline of one. But I’m making progress, paragraph by paragraph.

As of last night I was through 11 chapters and had written 6,954 words. It’s easily the longest story I’ve written now, and the characters have had some time to grow into themselves and also grow on me. I’ve also described much of the design and lore of my setting, the City of Il which I’m pretty proud of. I hope the remainder of the writing goes as well from a creative standpoint as this first part has.

Alik Steel asked in a comment to the last post about a title, and I have to admit I haven’t thought of one. I really think it won’t have a title until the story is well into its final chapters, until then if I give it a title I feel like I run the risk of letting the title influence the story. So, instead of a title how about an excerpt? 🙂



“Another poem Thomas?” Randolph’s eyes twinkled a bit, betraying the true sentiment behind the harshness of his tone. The older man bent down, his barrel chest only allowing the large red nose on his face to get a few inches closer to the desk before blocking his stoop. “What is it this time boy? More sweet verses about your lady friend?”

The boy turns his head and brushes his dark hair out of his eyes. “You know that’s all I’ve been able to write about this past year.” He looks back at the desk where his pen sits on the journal in which he writes all his verse. The battered leather binding shows how much use it has seen. “I think this one is the best yet Rand! Perhaps the bards can run it to her on their next trip to the commons.”

“Perhaps they can. How does the verse go this time? More of the ‘hair shimmering, eyes of auburn’ you’ve been using?” The older man drops his tone to one more playful and leans his heavy form against the wall.

“Oh come now. You know you’ve told me that’s no way to win a woman’s love. I’ve set a different focus for myself this time.” Thomas reaches and repositions the lightstone a bit closer to his work. The pages take on the cold blue of the magical light.

Obviously pleased at the complement, the older man puffs out his chest. “Well then, lets hear it and I’ll judge whether she’ll be wooed by your sweet sentiments.”

“Not yet, it’s not finished. I want this one to be just right Rand. It’s close, but it’s not ready.” Thomas closes his journal and tucks it under his arm. He walks to the window and looks out toward the street where the geomancer’s spells still have left a red haze blanketing the center of the plaza. “Looks like in a few hours the stage will be done. Looking forward to the festival?”

Eyes twinkling again, Randolph grins his affirmation. “It should be quite a show this year. I hear Bethanie has a new recipe for locust wing crisps she’s using.” Patting his stomach he adds, “Some of those would be great right now.”

Thomas looks out the window again, catching glimpses of others looking out their windows at the nearly completed stage. “It’s always a good year for the Droughtsend festival Rand. Let’s take a break for a while and find something to eat.”

“Perhaps Bethanie would like a visit from two strapping lads then!” Randolph chuckles and claps Thomas on the shoulder. “Come along, my treat.”


Your comments are welcome! 🙂 Until next time, everyone.



  1. Good luck completing the story! Sounds interesting, hope you post more!

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