Posted by: shatteredblog | November 25, 2009

EQ2 Fifth Anniversary!

Going to preempt this by saying if you haven’t seen the video tour of Ellithia’s Norrathian Museum over on MMOQuests then go see it! Stargrace really did an amazing job putting together the museum and collecting books and artifacts from all across the game. Check out her amazing collection of player written books too, there are a few in there that were penned by your favorite green scaly sarnak too!

The anniversary events are live now in EQ2, with the Heroes Festival going on in both Qeynos and Freeport. Check in WFP and NQ for quests, fireworks, halfling bands and maybe even a special appearance from Lucan or Antonia!

Here’s a screen of me working security for Lucan’s speech. Guard Captain Kyrius recognized my skill as an assassin and tasked me with maintaining the peace and removing any would be disruptors before they caused a commotion. Antonia had sent someone to make an attempt on Lucan, a pathetic elf who wouldn’t have gotten within ten paces of him even without my intervention.

Some really exciting quest rewards this time too! Here’s a screenshot of the Tapestry of Luclin, the reward from the collection quest and also the Everquest II 5th Anniversary Painting showing a very angry Venekor.

The quest that rewards the painting also rewards a replica statue of the Qeynos Claymore, placeable in both your home and guild hall. Here’s mine, at its default size… quite large!

One more thing too, the winners of the recent Hero contest have had their artwork made into paintings available only now during the Heroes Festival from your friendly city status merchants. There are ten of the limited edition paintings in all, and the first prize painting is bigger than the rest though they all can be scaled up to a fairly respectable size. Here are screens of a few of my favorites:

Here are two of the nine second place paintings, “A Moment with Lucan D’Lere” by Ryusaru on the left and “The Enchantress” by Saisha on the right. The winners are a mix of in game screenshots and beautifully done digital artwork, so all styles of art are well represented.

Two more, just because they’re so pretty. On the left here is “Prayer of the Righteous” by Enna; on the right is “The Blade Singer” by Nahdia. All the art is really well done, and I love having the set of them on my walls. Maybe if people want to see them I’ll post pictures of the rest another time.

Check out all the quests available during this event at EQ2i under the Heroes Festival Timeline, and Happy 5th Anniversary EQ2!

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