Posted by: shatteredblog | November 25, 2009

Vistas of Vanguard

Been playing alot of Vanguard lately, as EQ2 is in that uncomfortable in between stage where it feels as if we should have an expansion but the expansion is still a few months away. Vanguard allows for the exploration I love to do to really take over, as everywhere in the world of Telon there are scenic views that make for lovely screenshots. Getting there is sometimes difficult, but the chance to see the beauty of the world Sigil created is all worth it.

My little shaman is trying to get to level 21, a bit more than halfway there and he’s been making the tour of the chunks looking for easy quests and things to kill. My wanderings near Silverlake took me to a chunk in northern Thestra called Coastal Graveyard, which is a bit higher level than I am but beautiful to look at. In Coastal Graveyard the story is that the lord decreed three lighthouses to be built after the original lighthouse was unable to keep the beacon lit during a storm. Any engineer can appreciate the redundancy of a plan such as that.

This is the view from one of the lighthouses that is still in good hands. Unfortunately the graveyard in the name comes from the ridiculous amount of undead that have taken over the chunk. I’m not sure where they came from, corruption from the haunted ruins of Trengal Keep to the south maybe? Regardless, the undead are a plague on the land here.

One of the lighthouses is now under control of the undead, and down along the coastline is an impressive collection of wrecked ships of all continental styles, with their crews as eternal ghostly guardians of course. The amazing detail of something like this is wonderful to see, and in this image you can see the corrupted lighthouse out on the point and a shallow harbor with wreckage filling it. Dangerous as heck for someone my level, but really beautiful to see.

More from Telon coming soon, including my adventures in home ownership (I hope!) See you soon!

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