Posted by: shatteredblog | December 2, 2009

Sentinel’s Fate beta opens!

Durning the events of the Heroes’ Festival you may have stumbled across a person looking for their friend who was supposed to see the festivities with them. Working through the events of this quest, you find that the friend has slipped into a magical sleep and requires your help to awaken. At the end though, something unusual happens… and it’s unclear whether you are really helping a person in need or changing the fabric of Norrath to come.

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:02 2009] You have entered A Collection of Dreams.

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:11 2009] You say, “Hail, Thumore D’armer”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:11 2009] Thumore D’armer says to you, “I have been eagerly awaiting your return.  Were you able to find the last shard?”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:12 2009] You say to Thumore D’armer, “I believe I was.  Is this what you were looking for?”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:12 2009] Thumore D’armer says to you, “You have done a tremendous service.  Not just to me, but quite possibly, to all of Norrath as well.  Now that I have all of the shards of my lost self, I can finally break free of this world, and return to the world I once called home.”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:13 2009] You say to Thumore D’armer, “You mean to the Heroes’ Festival?  I know many people were waiting for you.”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:14 2009] Thumore D’armer says to you, “No… I mean return to the memories and dreams of all across Norrath, return to my place I gave up so long ago.  The memories and dreams of Norrath have helped to hold my shattered self until you came to help me gather those shards once again.  Now, I am finally whole.”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:14 2009] You say to Thumore D’armer, “Wait… those weren’t your dreams?  Just who are you?”

[Mon Nov 30 21:07:14 2009] Thumore D’armer says to you, “You will know me once again.  Now awaken, my friend.  Your service will not be forgotten.”

So who is this mysterious person who was shattered and dreaming during the Heroes’ Festival? Well, the lore in the beta signup for Sentinel’s Fate that opened last night may give a clue…

From the beginning of creation, the god and sentinel, Roehn Theer was appointed to keep the balance of life within the EverQuest universe. In time, the gods of the Inner Planes became envious and greedy, their need for power insatiable; thus they conspired to banish the sentinel into an eternity of non-existence. For thousands of years he remained entrapped and forsaken in the Void, consumed with the chaos of hatred and anger. Now, Theer’s return is imminent and his retribution on the world that exiled him will be on a scale never before seen in Norrath. Fearless heroes must embark on the precarious journey into uncharted lands, through treacherous dungeons and fierce creatures, to prevent the god’s unearthly revival. The brave are Norrath’s only salvation from Roehn Theer’s vengeance and those who are victorious will become exalted warriors of Norrath’s history.

Perhaps the sentinel was remembered in the mentions of him that linger in each of the expansions in the game. And perhaps as these fragments of Theer have been discovered the prison holding him in the void has weakened. The old gods were away from Norrath a long time, and in their absence the wards on Anashti’Sul were eased so why not those on the other they despised?

There are other theories floating about too of course, but this is mine. Go sign up for the Sentinel’s Fate beta and read for yourself… I want to hear what you think!


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