Posted by: shatteredblog | December 22, 2009

Dark Shadows, Frostfell Gifts?

The strangest thing just happened readers, I’m sitting in my dining room enjoying some delicious roast ham when I hear a rustle outside the door. I walk over to it and hear something that sounds very much like giggling, then a tape dispenser being used, then a loud *KNOCK* and hurried footsteps. I opened the door to look but all I saw was a shadow of someone with blue skin wearing an elf cap running toward the road.

A packet was left taped to my door with a drawing of a hamster and a label saying *Sentinel’s Preview – Sundered Frontier*. Inside were these two photos.

Whatever could it mean, could something be happening soon?

Until next time, listen for the giggle…


  1. […] coming out soon, and Kiara has been nice enough to send me some exclusive preview screenshots for Sundered Frontier and the Hole. The new expansion looks really cool, and with a level cap increase and changes coming […]

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