Posted by: shatteredblog | January 13, 2010

New Year, New Adventures

This is a little real life post to welcome in the New Year and rejeuvanate my poor neglected blog. More gaming coming tomorrow and hopefully more frequently, so stay tuned for that.

Well, it’s another year and another cold January. Hope everyone is staying warm and having fun playing what their game of choice is these days. It feels lately like we’re in a lull in between the release of some really exciting new projects and expansions for old friends and the holiday season, and lately I’ve been drifting a little more than normal. So, here are some of the things that have been happening lately.

EQ2 has the new expansion coming out soon, and Kiara has been nice enough to send me some exclusive preview screenshots for Sundered Frontier and the Hole. The new expansion looks really cool, and with a level cap increase and changes coming to transmuting along with other unconfirmed rumors floating around it sounds like Norrath is in for big things. I’m looking forward to it, as lately I just haven’t had the desire to grind achievements on the sarnak and new content to explore and history to learn is really what keeps me driving forward in the game.

I haven’t been playing much Vanguard since I finished making my home, but some recent disturbing news has me worried about the future of it. Telon is a beautiful world and the people of Safe Haven have been nothing but welcoming so I hope that there’s still a game to go back to when I get the urge to be there again. It will happen sooner or later you know, probably sooner!

Exciting new stuff about Star Trek: Online over at West Karana! I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m a sci fi junky and of course Star Trek is right up my alley. As I hear more about what has changed in the game design from what initial impressions were I’ve gotten a little less enthusiastic but the fact that I’ll play is almost a given… after all, who can resist after seeing Tipa’s screenshot of a DS9 flyby!

You may ask what have I been doing  while I talk about what I haven’t been. Well, look out tomorrow for an article about that.

I got a camera as a gift from someone close to me for Christmas and it inspired me to start a new project for this year. You may have noticed already (and for the last couple weeks) the poor man’s ShutterCal sidebar picture on the right, which links to my calendar on ShutterCal. Come visit me, and post comments if you want… I want to keep up posting something every day and so far that’s been going pretty well. Now if only I can get the cats to behave long enough to take pictures of them!

Also on ShutterCal you can see pictures of the secret santa gifts I sent to girlunplugged as part of Stargrace’s Secret Gamer Santa. This was a lot of fun and I hope more people take part next year. Probably will take pictures of the gifts I got to post on my calendar sometime soon, so watch for them.

Thanks to all my friends for a great 2009. You all are why I keep playing and what puts a smile on my face every day.


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