Posted by: shatteredblog | January 18, 2010

Tech II Manufacturing

It’s an exciting week in EVE, I’m now three days from being able to fly my first tech II ship. As I talked about in my last post the part of EVE that draws my attention the most is the exploration, moving through dangerous space in a cloaked ship and scanning for hidden goodies. To that end, I planned from the time I played the trial to learn to fly the covert cloaking ships. For Gallente, the first is the Helios frigate.A Helios requires two skills to fly, Covert Ops I and Gallente Frigate V. In addition, to fit the covert cloaking device that is the ship’s real claim to fame you need Cloaking IV. I have all the necessary prerequisites now except for the Electronic Upgrades, and that is three days from finishing. I’m very excited!

Now, learning to fly one is only half the battle of course… you also have to be able to get one. Current price for a Helios on the market in Gallente space is close to 22 million isk. Talking to Tipa who is in the midst of learning to invent tech II blueprints we both agreed that it would be far more fun to make one, rather than buy it. So, that’s what the past couple weeks while skills are training have been for me.

Tech II ships require far more than just minerals to build. They require the tech I ship as a base component, then a mixture of minerals and spaceship components. You’ll also notice I don’t have the skills to build one at the moment, in EVE the industrial path is arguably even more complex than the spaceship command path for skills. Haven’t figured out a solution to that yet, hoping someone in the corp who does have the skills is willing to hit the manufacture button when everything is in place.

As of yesterday I’ve bought all the components needed and stashed them in a station, total cost was 11.2 million isk. You’d have to ask Tipa what it takes to make a blueprint (very involved and lots of start up cost) but once you can invent then a 100% profit on completed ships is not bad at all. And making my first Covert Ops frigate this way is certainly more fun than just buying one. Can’t wait to insure it :-X hehe.

Fly safe today my friends.



  1. The T2 blueprints aren’t free, I assure you. They have to be researched. Each research job consumes a couple of datacores (at least) and has somewhere around a 25-35% chance of success.

    Which isn’t to say it isn’t profitable. I’m just sayin…

  2. I know, but the say Tipa explained it to me invention sounds more about time than money. Datacores come mostly free from research assistants right? I did mention the startup costs.

    • I should really get my t2 manufacturing skills started soon…

      anyways, yes, Datacores do come “mostly” free from research assistants, the only problem is a, finding the one you want, b, getting the standings to use them, and c, getting the requisite skills that they have (in this case, Gallentean Starship engineering). I’m sure you know this already though

  3. Now’s a bad time to tell you that unless they have changed something else (yet again) in the newly-released Dominion 1.1 patch, insuring T2 ships is pointless (sort of). You can only insure T2 ships for the established coverage amounts of their T1 counterparts.

    As for invention, it IS fairly easy once you have the science skills that allow you to do so.

    However, from a totally “from scratch” standpoint, T2 ships are only profitable unless you can either obtain the T2-specific mats from a friend / friendly corp or unless you sell extra invented T2 BPCs to cover the T2 mats costs. Failing that, have fun creating the T2 mats (Pulse Shield Emitters, etc) yourself. Personally, I just invent extra BPCs and sell them on the contract market to cover what I need.

    My display name is my EVE main char name if you have any other questions around industry and science. Oh, and I fly Buzzards / Manticores / Cranes and plenty of other cloaky stuff. Once you’re cloak-capable, the only thing you fear is a HIC in 0.0 or mobile warp disruptors.

  4. In any case, when you are going to try to ensure it you will get a nasty surprise, as you are only given the option to insure it based on Tech 1 prices. Insurance in T2 ships is a no-go. Fly safe!

  5. Be wary about considering Datacores as “free”. Because they’re not, not really.
    Like everything in New Eden, they have a market value, and that value should be calculated in when estimating how much invention is going to cost you.

    The same applies to mining. Sure, you can obtain X million units of Tritanium from mining to help with your production, but you can’t count it as “free”. It’s taken _your_ time to mine it (how much exactly depends on a number of factors, and something you best know), and as such you really need to put a value on what your time’s worth (against other time-consuming measures) and how much Trit is available for on the open market. Ad infinitum.

    As with so many things in the universe, the complexity and details sometimes seem to have no end… 🙂

    All in all though, good luck with it – and when you finish it, I’m sure you’ll be extremely proud of your new Helios hull. Just don’t lose it doing something silly!

  6. well yes you cna get datacrores from research agents, but you can only have so many research agents at a time. Congrats on your first t2 build tho.

    btw, t2 prices are…….. interesting right now

  7. Thanks for the advice guys, I am still just learning the ropes. I haven’t found a good measure of what my time is worth to me, though I’m sure that will change when I can do level 3 and 4 missions.

    I was very surprised to find out that insuring the Helios is a waste, disappointing really :-X but I guess it keeps the T2 ships rare, as they want to.

    Thanks for the great comments, been having so much fun in EVE!

  8. T2 is pricy right now due to hulkageddon, a week long event were high-sec suicide ganks destroyed all t2 mining vessels.

  9. Be careful to note that t2 building for ships is the exception rather than the rule. The vast majority of ships will come out at a loss.

    If you’re looking to get more into the invention game or just want more info, feel free to hit me up in game: Lockefox.

    I run a very successful invention program for my alliance and I am always willing to share and am always in need of more talent! We pay pretty handsomely to our inventors and need to look at some more talent in other regions.

  10. an impressive piece of research!!

  11. It’s not the fact that you have to spend time and effort getting the data cores (or minerals) that makes it necessary to factor in their cost. It’s the fact that you can sell them on the market for a certain amount of money.

    Example: Let’s say somehow you get an item without spending any time or effort whatsoever in getting it, and this item can be sold on the market for 10 mil ISK. Then you buy another item for 10 mil, put them together, and manufacture an item of some kind from them. This item then sells for 15 mil.

    Sure, by the classic “minerals you mine yourself are free” argument you’ve now made 5 mil profit, but if you had just sold the intial item (without going through the trouble of producing anything) you would have had 10 instead. Therefore, you’ve actually lost 5 mil (plus unnecessary time and effort on production).

    • Allow me just a moment to get up on the soapbox.

      Nothing in EVE is free, everything has a price. Just because you receive the datacores for free from an agent doesn’t mean they are worthless, much like mining minerals is not free. You would not mine the mins for a battleship and expect to give it away. The time required to get them is your game time, it has a value.

      This is why I personally look over every potential invention product painstakingly to make sure it’s a money maker. Also, if you really want to get isk out of this process, R&D agents are not going to give you enough datacores. In my corp, between 4 inventors, we churn through 1,680 datacores per week. R&D agents provide us a “market bubble buffer” to use when prices spike, but no way in hell we could get all the DC’s we need purely from agents.

      Also, if you’re looking to go big scale for invention, you need to understand the probability aspect. If you play it right, you can make a lot of money… if you play it wrong, you will sink a fortune.


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