Posted by: shatteredblog | January 20, 2010

From My Heart

I’m planning a gaming post for tonight over on the Nomadic Gamer blog, and I’m warning you now that this one is off topic and political so if that would offend you please don’t read.

I feel like today something has happened that shows every nasty emotion we as a people are capable of feeling. Everything is on the surface and on the issue of healthcare in the US some very ugly things have happened. I’m young, but in my limited experience this is the most polarized I’ve ever known things to be.

When I think about healthcare, it’s very simple to me… that every human deserves access to medical care, regardless of economic situation. It’s unconscionable to me that anyone would be allowed to profit from the health of another. The insurance companies and hospital conglomerates are doing something morally repugnant when they put profit above life, and it happens every day.

Does any doctor study medicine without wanting to help people? Why is it not the same for business people and politicians. I just don’t understand. Perhaps I never will.

Today Barack Obama did the best thing he could have done by telling democrats to seek bipartisan support for the parts of healthcare reform that are popular. There is a seat at the table for republicans, and it is my earnest hope they will take it. It’s well past time they stop saying nothing but “no” and join the discussion.

But, perhaps there is noone in the republican caucus who believes that it is wrong when an insurance company denies coverage to someone who just was diagnosed with an illness. Or when the cost of a prescription drug increases 3000% over a decade. Perhaps the cost of capitalism is human life and dignity.

I don’t know. I don’t understand.


  1. The Republican caucus has certainly stonewalled and delayed. They refuse to vote for a plan that is to the right of what Mitt Romney, a Republican, proposed for his national candidacy. I don’t see how this is anything but a political calculation, which puts the interest of party ahead of the interests of country.

    Unfortunately, there are those on the left who are also gumming up the works, by their insistence, for instance, that anything without a public option is EEEEEVIL! The labor caucus in the House is unwilling to vote for the Senate bill before them.

    I need the HCR bill. Personally. I have a pre-existing condition which will be with me for the remainder of my life. My wife has a different one, and my two children, just barely into their 20’s each have one. Their choice, as it stands, is to either work in the corporate world (and we know how easy jobs are to find) or not have health care coverage.

    I have some resentment to those who feel that an extra 10 bucks in their pocket, or a Republican with the Speaker’s gavel, is more important than my children’s ability to get health insurance.

    • Well said. There is blame enough for both sides, and both parties are guilty of making health care a vehicle for their own petty agendas.

      I sincerely hope they take Obama’s words to heart and make the changes that your family needs. But I’m afraid.

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