Posted by: shatteredblog | February 2, 2010

City Festival – Gorowyn

Heard a rumor that a Far Seas Trading Company ship had pulled into dock, so had to go and check that out last night. I missed the first of the new City Festivals (who wants to go to Kelethin anyway…) but with this month’s in Gorowyn I really had no excuse.

On closer inspection the crowd of people standing at the end of the plank are speaking with the questgiver, who has simple quests available to grant you city tokens to spend on things at the festival merchants. I did all three, one was harvesting T2 nodes to replenish their stock; one was crafting some T1 food and drink to feed the hungry merchants and the last was making a run to Mara to grab necessary replacement supplies. Doing all three gained me nine city tokens, so I wandered my tail up to the vendors to have a look.

At first I was considering buying a new outfit… since the Frostfell finery I’ve been wearing is starting to look a bit out of season. Unfortunately, the festival dresses are not good on a sarnak, and the Gi that were available are all temporary items. I’m just going to have to go back and find a nice robe to wear when I return to the guildhall.

The other merchants had lots of exciting house items. I wanted to get some of the Festival lamps that magically bob and dip, but opted instead to spend my tokens at the local specialties merchant, buying a weapon rack, scrollcase and cauldron. There was also a fortune teller (who told me in certain light I resembled Lucan d’Lere) and firebreathers, as well as a food merchant. They have a neat setup of tents at the base of Gorowyn just inside the cave from the docks.

After heading home to display my purchases I quickly fell asleep, satisfied by my festival experience.

Check out the Festival in Gorowyn everyone! Feb 1-7!



  1. I enjoyed the festival too! I believe the general goods vendor at the festival sells a black robe that looks pretty nice, but I was trying it on a fae, not a sarnak. Just wanted to let you know.

    Happy EQ2-ing!

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