Posted by: shatteredblog | February 8, 2010

Sentinel’s Fate – Coming Soon!

So the latest EQ2 expansion Sentinel’s Fate is live on February 16th, and news is flowing like water to all corners of the interwebs. I was in the beta and I had notes of things I wanted to talk about, but there are others who have done a much better job than I could so this is going to be a little bit of a linkfest. 🙂

First of all, there are big new changes coming to the way stats affect our player characters. Stargrace talks about this and other topics in the video she made on the subject of things coming soon in the expansion. Go watch it right now!

I’m especially excited about the new tradeskill stuff, since I have an 80 jeweler, an 80 carpenter and a max transmuter. EQ2Traders has a great series of articles about Transmuting Changes, and a spoiler on the new Carpenter Recipes that totally made me excited to have a real library in my Gorowyn home!

There are also spoilers on the new quests to transform your mythical weapon into a clicky buff, courtesy of Zam. This is something lots of people were concerned with and it’s good to see what exactly the plan turned out to be to keep them useful after level 80.

There is also a fan-made trailer for the expansion that’s been making the rounds, if you haven’t seen it yet it is sure to get you excited about next week. I know it did me.

The most exciting news so far though? Stargrace is having a contest where you can win an expansion key over on MMOQuests! Just think back to your favorite memory of EQ2 and look at her post to get all the details.



  1. Some great links. I have never played EQ2, but I will be on the 16th. I feel it will be hard as a newbie to fit in. It is worth a try tho. I’m excited to start playing it.

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