Posted by: shatteredblog | March 13, 2010

Chip On My Kaborite Crystal

This post is a rant about something that upset me in EQ2 recently and isn’t what I usually write. Hiding it behind the jump for those who would rather not read about my annoyances. Back to happy stuff next with a post about appearance armor from collections in Sentinel’s Fate, and after that one about the new EVE corp, so look forward to that!

Collections are a bit different in Sentinel’s Fate than they were before. The basic collections in Sundered Frontier and Stonebrunt Highlands are now split between rewarding appearance armor, house items and the occasional neat thing such as the wyvern illusion. Gone are the rewards of gear that were hallmarks of RoK and TSO. In addition to these the overland collections also give a Kaborite Crystal, used in a collection of the same name.

There is a Kaborite Crystal collection for each of the two large zones, and recently I finished both on Hamal. These two rewarded gear, a charm slot choice befitting their difficulty to complete. My problem isn’t with the items which are very nice; it’s with the fact that both these large collections have you choose from the same four.

You may have read my Nomadic Gamer post about casualising the game. With only one statistic important to a class gear is easily divided into tank items, scout items, mage items and priest items by virtue of if they have high STR, AGI, INT or WIS. There are four charms you can choose as a reward for the two Kaborite Crystal collections and they each fall into one category.

So when I finished the Stonebrunt collection I chose the scout option, a beautiful 7 DA 7 Crit Chance charm with 40AGI. Not being level 90 yet, I stuck it into the bank for safekeeping. About a week after (and just this past wednesday) I finished the Sundered Frontier collection. I didn’t realize at first and nearly took the Chipped Kaborite Crystal again. After checking my bank to make sure I wasn’t mistaking identical stats for identical items, I picked the Glyphed Kaborite Crystal which is the tank option. This charm has 7 DA, 6 to weapon skills and a disappointing 15AGI.

It upsets me that the two collections have exactly the same options for rewards. These are the only collections in the expansion I’ve found so far that have useful equipment rewards, and the ball was dropped on them. Under the old stat system I wouldn’t have a problem, as STR and AGI and even INT were all useful to my assassin. Now having an item with paltry AGI as my only choice makes it a poor one.

I don’t mind not getting an upgrade from the collection for myself, but give me a scout option I can choose. To duplicate rewards like this is insulting and upsetting.



  1. There is a similar point that really bugged me in the adventure quests. One of the guys in Que’ule gives a choice of belts as a reward. His very next quest gave a choice of belts again. And they are all different, from what I have seen.

    There are something like 300 quests in the overland timelines. What is the point in offering me an upgrade if you are just going to make me look at upgrading that in the very next quest? It’s not like it’s hard to kill the 10 mobs needed for the second quest.

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