Posted by: shatteredblog | March 13, 2010

EQ2 Fun

Been a while since I’ve blogged here, but more recently I’ve had a few posts on the Nomadic Gamer. If you haven’t been over to look there check it out!

Things have been good for gaming lately. Earlier this week I reached my goal of Level 90 on both my Jeweler and Carpenter. Very excited about being able to make the new faction items in the expansion, as of thursday Hamal was 500 faction away from being able to buy his book in Quel’ule and Oracia was just beginning her work toward Hua Mein faction. I spent a week working on leveling Hamal’s transmuting for building up a supply of T9 adornment components and he is now 435.

The next step for me is working the sarnak up to level 90 adventuring and getting his gear set for instances. There are some very nice new options available that are tradeable, as well as crafted and faction items that I need to get. I have a spot in the bank set aside for quest rewards I can’t use yet but will be able to at 89-90, lots of pretty new stuff there.

I’ve been playing some EVE also the past week, and more on that in my next post. Stay tuned, and have fun everyone!


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