Posted by: shatteredblog | May 25, 2010

The End… Found?

I’m excited about the new expansion for EVE that’s being launched as I type, but this isn’t a blog post about that. This is about LOST, and the finale that aired sunday which I watched last night. In case you haven’t seen it the rest of this will be after the jump, don’t want to spoil anyone even though I’m not planning to go into great detail. After all, the show certainly didn’t.

So last night I watched the end of LOST. After six years and countless mysteries we’ve come to the point where the story wraps up and all is revealed. An episode prior the writers tried to tell us “What They Died For,” which in hindsight was referring to more than just those on the sub who died when it sank. But although the who was a surprise, the what was never really talked about.

So I’ve been asking myself what I watched for. What had me so excited about this show that I actively looked for websites that talked about it, listened to podcasts speculating about it. Was it the first season when the writers introduced up to a group of characters who were all more than they first appeared and all flawed in some way? That was part of it and that side of things was well ended I thought, at least as well as was possible when many of the principal cast was dead by the end. But that isn’t everything, and it certainly wasn’t what had me so enthralled all these years.

I’m going to be honest, I loved the show for the mystery. A good conspiracy gets me going and LOST had many of those. The intrigue of there being others on the island, that they weren’t all that they seemed… and before them another faction that wanted to use the island for scientific research. Behind all of this a struggle between forces of good and evil, poorly defined (and even more poorly resolved) in this last season where everything was to be laid bare. I was honestly expecting some answers, and not the ones we did get this season. I was expecting it to be about more than just the lives of the passengers of Oceanic 815.

LOST had control of the metaverse through its advertising spoofs and internet tie ins. We were told through these the Numbers were the variables in the Valenzetti equation, a calculation of how long humanity had to exist on this planet. Dharma was on the island to study this and perhaps find a way to extend the time we had left using the island’s power. Why couldn’t we have had an ending that showed Jacob’s assigning the numbers to our castaways being prophetic of their finally being able to change the world, where Dharma couldn’t? It would have been more fitting in my mind, and it certainly felt like the direction the show had been heading.

I was disappointed. I’m still analyzing it in my head to see if there is something I missed that ties things together. But there isn’t, and LOST ends with a sideways dream world deus ex machina.


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