Posted by: shatteredblog | August 14, 2010

The Cat Wins Again

Folks who know me (which is probably most of you reading) know I have two fuzzy kitties who live with me. We’re a little cooperative household, but occasionally someone throws their weight around when they want something. It’s not always me.

The younger of my two cats is Oliver, and he’s an odd one. Preferring to sleep in uncomfortable spaces on hard surfaces, he’s always getting into and around and under things. The picture above is from January this year, when he decided that atop the vcr was a comfortable place to lay. I had to throw my weight around then to get him to stop sleeping there… the problem was he would run across my keyboard to jump there and he was doing it all the time. A combination of gentle persuasion and soda cans on the vcr did the trick that time.

So Mr. Difficult’s new favorite place to lay is in this shelf of my computer desk. You’re seeing it as it is now, there were a few books, some magazines and several bits of random mail there that have been kicked on the floor and replaced several times in the last couple weeks. Now, I know what you’re thinking… but no, no soda cans in the shelf this time.

My issue with the vcr wasn’t him sleeping there, it was his destructive means to get there. Sleeping in the shelf isn’t too bad by comparison, as it’s near the floor and not difficult for him to get to. So this time, the cat wins.

Here’s Mr. Overexposed, stretched out and comfortable in his new bed. I originally thought I’d put a pillow or something in there for him, but he really does prefer the hard shelf. So, there you go.

Gaming news next time, I promise. Hope everyone is having a happy weekend.



  1. TOO CUTE!!!!!!

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