Posted by: shatteredblog | June 1, 2011

Gen Con Indy coming soon!

Just a quick note… If you’re in my neck of the woods (maybe neck is the wrong word, since Ohio is supposed to be the ‘heart of it all’) then you should think about taking some time in the month of August to go to Gen Con Indy, now in its 41st year of operation and still one of the greatest gaming conventions in the US. Gen Con 2011 is scheduled for August 4-7 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indiana Convention Center.

I didn’t make it last year, but you can see my pictures and read my posts about Gen Con 2009 on the Views from Gen Con 2009 Part 1 and Views from Gen Con 2009 Part 2 posts. The con is always a good time, and even if you can only some for one day it’s worth the entry fee to visit the exhibition hall and see all the booths and vendors. Whatever your game they have it, everything from Magic and World of Warcraft TCG tournaments to minatures gaming, from board games to role playing. And don’t let your non-gaming spouse keep you away, as they have a very successful Spouse Activities crew who plan alternative activities throughout the weekend for those not interested in the other offerings.

I’m looking forward to this year, as you can probably tell. Look for me to blab about events and games I’m interested in seeing as the summer moves on, and in the meantime head over to the official website and the registration page to sign up for your badges. Prices go up after pre-registration ends on June 18th, so the sooner the better! Hope to see you there this year.


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