Posted by: shatteredblog | June 17, 2011

Screenshot of the Day: June 17, 2011


Something from the old days today. I have a ton of old screenshots, some of them that are more meaningful than others… but an old school dragon run was always something to be treasured. This one was a pickup group, and I honestly don’t remember if we were successful or not. Some neat things in this shot though. RoK days, check out my Jaundiced Bone Bracer (Winter’s Roar clicky, a DD spell) and Jaundiced Bone Boots (Nimble, an AGI buff) hotkeys ^.^ Not entirely sure why it seems like I have no spells loaded, maybe I didn’t or maybe they were on cooldown and the capture just caught them while blank. I was casting Malisement you can see before the dispell hit me.

Good times. This was before the Luclin days, before the new models and everything. I miss those days sometimes. Don’t forget to stand under her belly to cast on her!


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