Posted by: shatteredblog | January 12, 2012

Pulling on the Edges

Hello again everyone. To those few who still come here to look know that I really appreciate it, and I apologise for being absent. The truth is that I haven’t been playing MMOs the past few months, and without that writing here just hasn’t happened. Beyond that there are things happening in my life that have kept me away as well. I’m in the process of moving, and job hunting. Life is changing for me, in many ways. Mostly good.

I haven’t been playing any MMOs lately but I have been paying for one. EVE has been going through big changes since the meltdown over last summer. A refocusing of development assets on the core game is starting to pay big dividends. My Gallente ships are seeing love too, with the hybrid weapon fix and in a couple weeks an assault ship buff. It’s odd how things pull at the edges of your mind sometimes, and EVE has been yanking on mine. The lure of internet spaceships is strong.

I’ve been spending time on EVE blogs learning more about parts of the game I haven’t seen before. That is arguably most of the game… I’ve been a ‘carebear’ my entire career. I wrote my Primae anti-gank guide from that point of view. There is more to the universe than empire space though, than tech II manufacturing and level 4 missions for Federation Intelligence. Much more. So I’m resolved to find a corp to see some of it in.

It’s a bad time to do that now. I currently work evenings, and when I find a new job that will most likely change. The next few weeks I need to spend my free time packing, not playing. But that’s ok, because it means that I’m not rushing into something. EVE is a game of planning, where patience is rewarded. For now reading the blogs and the recruitment posts on the forums is enough, and the information I gather will be useful when the time comes.

I do know one thing, I don’t want to play the game. Joining a pet corp to one of the huge SOV alliances and being just a bit in the blob isn’t what I want. The experiences of Tipa and Wilhelm have shown me that, and it doesn’t interest me beyond making for entertaining eve news 24 headlines.

So that’s where I am, what I’ve been thinking about. Have a comment, or another place I should be looking? Let me know. I’ll try not to be gone so long this time.


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