Posted by: shatteredblog | January 16, 2012

A Starting Point

Before moving into a new experience in EVE I thought it would be a good idea to go back over some of the places I’ve been there. My character’s skills were shaped by what my goals were and how they changed, so it’s worth revisiting.

I started EVE in May of ’09. My main is a Gallente Intaki, one of the Reborn. Not a whole lot to say about the first few months of the game really. Back then it was still recommended a new player learn all the Learning skills and as I had isk to buy them I did. I followed the tutorial and did the mission path in the beginning, starting in atron and tristan and training for drones. My first cruiser was given to me by Tipa and was a Vexor, I named it “Gift from Above”. There were several vexors named that, bought with insurance money when I would lose one.

I spent lots of sp on Drones, eventually being able to use Tech II medium drones. Around that time I joined the corp Tipa was in, Otakudyne. While there we worked together on industrial skills, with me eventually learning Electronics Engineering and Gallente Starship Engineering. I trained for Covert Ops and Tipa built my first Helios. I continued on through Battlecruisers and the drone skills and worked on my Duvolle standing in a Myrmidon doing level three missions.

When it came time to train for level four missions I had a choice to make. I could train for battleships and get into a Dominix or I could work toward heavy assault ships and buy an Ishtar. I ended up doing the latter, avoiding needing to train for large hybrid weapons and instead doing shield tanking and sentry drones. I learned Sentry Drone Interfacing V at some point, either before or shortly after my extended hiatus from the game.

In March of 2010 I came back to the game and joined Genovian Holdings, a corp held by our friend Petter. At the time several bloggers joined including Stargrace. I played continuing where I left off, training Astrometrics for exploration and continuing to boost my skill with the Ishtar. We did mining ops and I trained to fly Exhumers. I also went toward being able to fly blockade runners, training Gallente Industrial V and Transport Ships and eventually buying both a Viator and Occator. When Dominion was released I made an alt and trained both him and my main to do Planetary Interaction.

It was around this time my first and only experience with pvp was had, when friends in Otakudyne had their unguarded highsec tower reinforced by a corp who wanted the space. I went to help in a Hyperion fit with large shield transfers thinking I could help rep the tower but learned a valuable lesson about effective range. I still repped the ravens of the otaku guys and we had a good fight trying to save it. The experience had me train Logistics and crosstrain Caldari Cruiser V so I could fly a Basilisk. Shortly after that the corp stagnated again, with only Stargrace and I logging in regularly and our plans for our own PoS in a 0.5 or 0.6 system falling out of reach.

That brings me to a time close to the present, which I think will be a topic for another post.

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