Posted by: shatteredblog | January 26, 2012

Planning and Packing

Busy week this week, move is planned for the weekend and there’s lots to pack and even more to take to the dumpster. If nothing else moving is good to shake off the accumulated clutter of living eh?

Packing and preparations mean not much time to play, so my pc time has been limited to skill training and searching for things related to the move. I mentioned last time that there are skills that I’d need to be useful in any sort of pvp situation and the last couple weeks I’ve put together a plan to get a few of them trained.

First is gunnery skills. Because I was a level 4 Ishtar soloer primarily (and still am I guess) I neglected gunnery in favor of training Drones, culminating in Sentry Drone Interfacing V. In pvp drone dps isn’t enough, because many ships aren’t dedicated drone platforms and the ones that are benefit greatly from being able to fit other guns as well as the drones. Plus having assault ships and heavy assault trained without being able to take advantage of the hybrid weapons buff is sort of sad. I’m working my way toward Medium Blaster Specialization IV first to open up the possibility of using a Deimos or blaster proteus, then after that possibly artillery as that works well with passive tanking (projectile weapons use no capacitor)

Second are a couple important support skills, Thermodynamics and Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing. Thermodynamics you may know allows overheating of most modules you can activate, greatly enhancing their benefits or rate of fire for a short amount of time. Overheating is a common tactic to tip the scales in a one on one pvp fight, and is something I had never trained. ECM drones are another common pvp staple, allowing a warp disrupted ship to have a chance to run if the drones can jam the assailant. Since I am gallente and likely to be flying ships with a good drone bay it’s a no brainer.

Third is Hull Upgrades IV. Another thing that was back burnered when I moved to passive shield tanking, this is required for fitting a Damage Control II module. There are no faction versions of damage controls (anyone know why not?) and the tech 2 version gives 60% to all resists to your hull when active. Fitting one to gallente ships that have high structure hp is highly recommended.

Forth is one that isn’t pvp related, but pve. Told you I wouldn’t show you my current Proteus fit and one reason for that is it is fit for pve, something the Proteus does very poorly. I have Caldari Cruiser V, as mentioned before and from there to flying a Tengu is only a couple weeks. The Tengu does pve work much much better, and in wormholes or incursion fleets are very common. The problem is my missile skills would need some work too, but one step at a time. Speaking of that, do any readers have reasoning why they prefer one of Heavy or Heavy Assault missiles? I tend to lean toward training for Heavy Missiles to give range flexibility but don’t know if Heavy Assault is common in pve work.

That’s what I have in my plan for the next six weeks or so. If you have suggestions, please leave a comment.

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