Posted by: shatteredblog | February 7, 2012

Staying to Strengths

I’m back, after a week of mostly successful moving and unpacking. My search for a new job is moving slowly, a few more applications each week and no callbacks since the previous interviews. Things are moving along in the real world.

In the world of internet spaceships things are slow as well. In thinking about things over the last week I’ve been struggling with creating effective ship fittings to use in my new adventures. I’m somewhat set on the idea of going to wormhole space and have been scouting for corporations to apply to and get to know. But my thoughts keep coming back to my lack of pvp experience and my need to contribute to wherever I end up.

In reading about w-space I found a list of recommended things to pack for setting up shop. It includes a few things I have covered, like a scanning frigate and transport ship. It includes a couple things that are corp or player specific, like an exhumer and a dedicated gas harvester. A few pve ship designs for sleeper shooting are there, which I can work on or squish to fit now. It also recommends an ‘Orca load’ of pvp options. Beyond not knowing exactly how much an Orca can carry (ask Stargrace maybe?) It has me thinking how I can fit a good contribution into a small number of hulls.

The Proteus is coming along, no way around that. Using examples from Battleclinic and a similar tengu fit posted by Penny on her blog I’ve settled on a covert scanning fit that I’m pretty happy with. My Probeus is covert, fits scram and web, has a 70k armor buffer on the weak resist and still has a 25m3 drone allotment. With experience it will be an effective fit I think. The Proteus is a flexible ship, and if I could fit three of them to take for different situational roles I would… but it is both far more isk than I have to spend and far more isk than I would care to risk in learning how things work. So my Probeus will be flown very carefully and probably won’t be for daily scanning at the beginning.

Another obvious option is a bomber. I can fly a Nemesis (which isn’t bright gold anymore cry) but can’t fit one well, with only t1 torpedoes and target painters and no bomb deployment. That can come with time, and is on my evemon plan but ideally I need to get into a better hull… the Nemesis is not well loved by people who fly bombers. A Manticore is the closest option for me, as I have Caldari Frigate IV already. Probably bring along one or two once I finish the training.

From there things get sketchy. I thought first about Heavy Assault Ships, and the Deimos. A Deimos is a close range brawler and is highly damaging, but with my undeveloped gunnery is not great gank for the cost. The Ishtar may be a better choice, as my drone skills are well established. I was planning to bring an Ishtar as a pve ship so fitting one for pvp should be possible and if anyone has a good fit then I would be grateful. T1 cruisers are cheaper but I don’t know how useful they would be.

A Myrmidon is another thought. It has better tank than a t1 cruiser, can field drones and would also be somewhat useful in pve. If I’m going in the battlecruiser direction though there is always the Drake, which I should be training toward anyway as one of the default pve ships I’ve seen over and over. Another Myrm problem is that many people like to use projectile weapons and save cap for active tanking and I have no skills in that direction.

That brings me down to frigates. I can fly Assault Ships, and after the patch they are quite powerful options now. Their use in w-space though is questionable, as other than bombers, cov ops and interceptors I haven’t heard of frigs being used at all. Would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable than I about this one.

That’s where I am with that. As always, comments and discussion are welcome. Although it still feels like a long way off I am excited about this new direction.


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