Posted by: shatteredblog | February 11, 2012

Doves on the Wing

Hulkageddon was originally supposed to be coming this month to EVE. For those unfamiliar, this is a player run event where the ‘goal’ is to disrupt the market supply chain in the game through destruction of mining ships in highsec through suicide ganking. This year the event is touted as the unholy union of Helicity Boson the original organizer and The Mittani, CSM chair and self-proclaimed King of Space. The event hasn’t started yet, which is probably due to a variety of reasons not the least of which is attempted carebear psyche-out.

Have you heard of Griefer-geddon though? Started last year by Mechanoid Kryten (he of EVE Industrialist) it is meant to be a counter to the ganking tactics against miners. The goal is threefold from what I understand: to raise awareness of Hulk tanking capability, to promote remote repair of gank targets, and to provide a counter to gankers through tackle and hold while CONCORD responds and other pvp activities.

I’ve decided if I can I want to help out this year. I bought a Basilisk to use and named it Kryten’s Dove as requested, then fit it in what is a pretty standard fleet fit meant to be part of a cap chain with other logistics.

The advantage of a fit like this is it has a good buffer, if it were to become a target for ganking instead of the exhumer it is protecting. The drawback is it needs to be fielded in pairs, as without the benefit of two large energy transfers the capacitor lasts a whopping 25 seconds. Something interesting though that was posted the other day is this fit, with six large shield transfer arrays:

A Basilisk fit this way is cap stable with all six reps running, no cap chain needed. What is needed is a +2% powergrid implant, but that isn’t a huge issue to obtain. A bit worse are the skills, Logistics V and all the capacitor control skills. I wouldn’t use a fit like this for Griefer-geddon though, as you’re trading 20k ehp for the ability to run cap stable. In a larger fleet with other logi to attempt to save you if you’re targeted though? Beautiful fit.

The Basilisk is the Caldari logistics cruiser, bonused for shield and energy transfer use. The Gallente are primarily armor tankers, so their logistics cruiser is by extension a remote armor repair ship. The Oneiros is a different beast than the Basilisk. For starters, it is not difficult to fit one to be cap stable with four large remote repair modules. It doesn’t need to fit low slot mods to do this, and can field an armor buffer for itself as a result. The Oneiros received a buff recently to bring it in line with the other logi ships… you may have read Jester’s take on the pre buff model. The new Oneiros is a great addition to armor gangs but for Griefer-geddon won’t be useful, as Hulks can’t fit a strong armor buffer tank making armor rep much less useful.

So that’s my musing on logistics. Looking to help in the good fight sometime soon? Check out the Griefer-geddon blog page and come help out against the union of thugs. If you fly a Basilisk maybe we can be cap buddies.


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