Posted by: shatteredblog | February 13, 2012

Mind on the Past

Been missing the old days this week. The time I’ve been spending in EVE and not just thinking and plotting has been trying to get back into the invention and manufacturing swing to make some money. It has me thinking back to what was happening before I left the game the last time.

Back then, we were making isk through invention. I had a short stint of losing money on light neutron blaster IIs before we found a sweet spot making combat drones, specifically hammerhead IIs. The invention process for these goes something like this: first you buy a bpo of the t1 version of the item you want to invent. Next you make copies from this original to use as the raw material for invention. For non-ship inventing it benefits you to make these max run copies, as the number of runs on a successful invented blueprint is 1-10 based on the percentage of runs on the initial copy vs max. Then you need a data interface of the required race, a handful of datacores from the two types required by the blueprint and skills to match. Find a station with invention slots, plug in and go.

Hammerhead II invention requires an Incognito Data Interface, two each of Mechanical Engineering and Electronic Engineering datacores and three skills. The skills are the two listed plus Gallente Encryption Methods, which my character has at 4, 4 and 3 respective levels. All this equates to a roughly 47% chance of inventing a 10 run blueprint each time I can make an attempt. The frustrating thing about doing invention in highsec is the wait for public slots though, not the process itself. You can usually find a station with open or short wait slots for Invention, but Copying often involves a 7 day wait unless you wish to brave lowsec. This issue frustrated us back then too, which was what had us thinking about a POS.

The POS plan was quite well developed actually. I had a tower picked out, a defensive configuration designed and had started buying modules. Hadn’t bought the labs themselves yet, don’t remember if the tower was paid for, but I had shield resistance modules, sensor dampeners and the centerpiece of my defense, three Dread Guristas Citadel Torpedo Batteries. Most of that was put into escrow when the corp hangar went unfunded a while back, but it’s still there. The problem was standings… mine are excellent with the federation but even in a small corp I don’t think we ever exceeded 1.1 average.

It’s funny. In wormhole space there are no stations, no captains quarters. You live out of your POS hangars, or cans anchored nearby. If I make it out there will the things I learned planning a highsec POS help me or hurt me? Hard to say I guess. If I’d looked into it back then though maybe we could have moved into a C2 or C3 w-space system instead of struggling with standings.

I miss the old days, but space is ever-changing. EVE rewards patience and planning as I’ve mentioned before, now add adaptability to the list.



  1. Building in wormhole space means coming to some sort of agreement with the people in there already or having your POS destroyed. They even got ours in highsec 😛 You might as well leave them defenseless if you don’t have a fleet to back it up. Again, even in highsec, since all it takes is one wardec and a fleet. You need a bigger fleet. That was never going to happen with the blogger corp.

    Just join an existing wormhole corp in a good alliance! One thing about your EVE logs is they always seem so lonely.

  2. Krystalle mentioned that there are industrial corps offering a 100-200k sign on bonus, I’m highly tempted to start playing again. I might have the ISK available to pay for my first month, and I can see from there. They’re looking for Orca/Haulers in specific.

  3. I believe one of the corps allied with Aideron Robotics (makers of the Aura android app) will pay corp members to invent for them. This is an old page, but it is representative of the types of inventing that are in demand.

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