Posted by: shatteredblog | March 7, 2012

Election Season

The radio silence over the past week has been because my EVE play has been in a holding pattern, which is frustrating to me but a topic for another time.

Yesterday was Super Tuesday, where a gaggle of states across the US hold primaries in advance of the election later this year. It was also the start of voting for EVE’s Council of Stellar Management. With the events of 2011 and the way in which CSM6 handeled themselves I think it can be argued that the CSM plays a larger role than ever in what is planned for the game. So who were the candidates I considered, and who did I vote for?

Well, let’s start with what was important to me. I play the game primarily as an industrialist/explorer, doing invention and manufacturing to make some money in between scanning runs. I’ve talked here about my hope to move into wormhole space, so I’ve been attuned to the needs and problems with that side of the game now too. Taking those into account, I made a list of who I was considering voting for.

Trebor Daehdoow is a current member of CSM6, and is a strong communicator and hard worker. I’ve read his blog and appreciated his point of view the past few months, and looking into his thoughts on the issues he aligns with me on a few, including his ideas for reform of the CSM voting process. He is a very strong candidate, and will go far with or without my vote.

Meissa Anunthiel is the longest serving member on the CSM and has a strong background in industry. Having been on the CSM for a long time might lead to stagnation in some but Meissa seems to still be super engaged and continues to conntribute.

Two-Step is a CSM6 alternate, but by all accounts is as hard of a worker and as serious about the game and his issues as anyone. He is the wormhole candidate, and his major campaign issue is pushing for a rewrite of the POS code to allow for improvements making life with one better. His views on industrial issues aren’t a total match with mine, but his focus on keeping the unique state and feel of wormhole space is a big selling point.

Kelduum Revaan is a new candidate this year. He is CEO of EVE University and a high sec candidate with a strong following of current and former e-uni members. I looked over his campaign post and listened to the Lost in EVE debate he was a part of and wasn’t very impressed. In the debate he was passive and meandering, and though I agree with him on some issues it doesn’t feel like a good fit.

So after careful consideration my vote went to Two-Step. A brilliant first year with the CSM and a strong platform are well deserving of my support, especially as he may not enjoy the name recognition that Trebor and Meissa have.

Next time, more on Lost in EVE and the other EVE podcasts I’ve been listening to.


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