Posted by: shatteredblog | March 12, 2012

A Sampling of EVE Podcasts

So I teased last time about the podcasts I’ve been listening to. Spending so much time in the car means finding entertainment to make the drive better, and I broke out the first generation ipod nano with griffin itrip (do they even make these anymore?) for that purpose.

There are several good EVE themed podcasts out there. The first I wanted to touch on is Lost in EVE, hosted by Jade. It was his podcast I mentioned last time with his series of four excellent CSM7 debates, all of which are well worth your time to listen to. I’ve also gone back a few episodes to listen to what he’s done from the beginning of the year and he has a great way of bringing together news and stories that make the cast great to listen to. He’s looking for a co-host and once finding one I think the podcast will be even better. I know I’m going to keep listening.

Notalotofnews Newshour is another one I’ve enjoyed. It’s an ensemble podcast featuring three guys with wide game experience who talk about the issues, both news related and politics. Was proud to call itself safe for work up until the latest episode, but this is EVE and I don’t think having the explicit tag hurts anything at all. Often fun, occasionally ranty but usually a riot.

The Angry Monkey Podcast is one that is unabashed in their vulgarity. Hosted by Snowman and Chyph3r of the Space Monkey Alliance with color commentary and outtakes by Tickle and Slap the cast has a goon bent and a sense of humor. Lots of fun if you don’t take the srs bzns of internet spaceships too seriously.

I’ve also listened to Pixxie’s podcast, but have to pan it. Something about it just doesn’t do it for me, her delivery and and stories seem very affected. She’d benefit a lot from a co-host to play off of, as well as loosening the format so things don’t seem so produced. Not my thing, but give her a listen and see what your opinion is.

I know there are more out there I haven’t heard, like Voices from the Void and Kirith Kodachi’s Broadcasts from the Ninveah. If there are any I’ve missed that you enjoy I’d love to hear about them!


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