Posted by: shatteredblog | March 22, 2012

Patience and Planning

People at work ask me what games I’m playing. I tell them I’ve been spending a lot of time in EVE Online. Then they ask what EVE is about. I’ve been telling them that it is a game that rewards patience and planning. I think it sums the way I play the game pretty well.

It occurred to me over the weekend that it was an idea that can relate to blogging too. To that end I’ve been making a plan for what I want to write about on the blog soon.

Coming soon to this space:
I joined a new corporation!
Wormhole space and learning to love the dscan
A revisit of my PI plans
Wormhole variables with pretty screenshots
And a new NSFW Weekend that is mostly done.

So there’s a start to the planning. The patience is in your court, dear reader. Don’t worry, I know that the blog experience will be rewarding for all of us 😉


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