Posted by: shatteredblog | March 27, 2012

Wormhole Environmental Effects 1: The Red Giant

This post is the first in a short series I had the idea for about the special effects that you find in wormhole space. These effects both look pretty and also give bonuses and penalties to your ship systems while in the solar system. The amount of the bonus/penalty is increased in higher classes of w-space. There are six effects in all.

Today’s effect is the Red Giant. While not my favorite visually of the effects I’ve seen thus far, it is certainly striking to see the star with the huge red eye in the background. You feel you are being watched, not only by a player in a cloaked t3 but also by the eye of some celestial giant.

The Red Giant has effects that are more situational than some other anomalies. It gives a bonus to both the range and the damage output of smartbomb modules, which I have a hard time picturing myself using in a wormhole. Perhaps to catch a covert ops scout on a wormhole?

The other effect is arguably more useful, a bonus to the bonus you receive when overheating. Overheating is something I’ve only just experienced, but the ability to make your guns fire faster, your afterburner accelerate beyond its limits and your hardeners increase your resists is very powerful. The bonus is 25% in a C1 system up to 100% in a C6 system, very nice! It is balanced by a lesser increase in heat damage caused by overheating, meaning the bonus is best used only for very short periods or in a t3 that can better handle the heat.

Fly safe everyone, and take time to admire the scenery.


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