Posted by: shatteredblog | April 4, 2012

Wormhole Environmental Effects 2: The Black Hole

Welcome to part two of my series on wormhole environmental effects, where I show you pretty pictures that make you want to come play with me and the guys out where there’s no local and the rats sleep the day away. Today’s (collapsed) star is the Black Hole, which from posts about the panel at FanFest I guess is somewhat unloved.

The Black Hole is a graphic I really love. You can’t see it so much in screenshots but the whole structure pulses evilly as you look into its blackness. I find it hard to look away…

It probably isn’t a surprise the Black Hole has an effect on your ship’s movement. The bonus is to maximum velocity, making slow ships fast and fast ships faster as well as increasing missile velocity. Unfortunately this is counterbalanced with an increase in inertia, meaning that hauler may move faster but it turns like a freighter. The combined effect is sort of a slip-n-slide, and normal application of afterburners and mwd can leave you far overshooting your targets with the poor agility slowing your return.

The other effects of the Black Hole are also annoying, a penalty to targeting range, turret falloff distance and drone control range. Targeting range means ships with long range weapons may need to move closer to be able to target an opponent, and the falloff decrease makes weapons with poor falloff like hybrids worse. The drone control range is a pain as well… in my ishtar I can normally send my drones after targets up to 70km away, but with the penalty that number is cut to 45km or less. Lots to not love between these three penalties.

Word out of FanFest has it that CCP is considering changing the Black Hole effects. Perhaps when they do it will get the love it deserves.


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