Posted by: shatteredblog | April 6, 2012

Camping Trip

On a lazy saturday in the early afternoon EVE time, a connection was scouted between our wormhole system and one in deep nullsec. The bored group of pilots online decided to see if there were any soft targets to shoot. With the CEO scouting in a cloaked bomber, we formed up in our insured pvp ships.

The initial plan was a very loose one. The hope was to find a ratting carrier or an unattended capital industrial, sneak our small gang in to attack it and then get out before the locals could mass an opposing fleet. Hope was what broke up that idea, as scouting the system came up dry for targets. A recalibration was needed.

The new plan was probably doomed from the start. We brought in medium warp disruption bubbles and decided to camp one of the gates in system. Our fleet was shield fitted battlecruisers, two drakes, two hurricanes, an oracle and my myrmidon with two scimitars providing logistics. We had one point and a few scrams among us, and the plan was to sit on the gate a while, hopefully get a few kills and if a cyno lit in system to get out.

Anchoring the bubbles and getting in position was fairly easy. Other than recon falcons blipping on and off the directional scanner we saw little activity on the gate. After a few minutes a flash signaled the arrival of our first target, an amarr shuttle that melted quickly and provoked an irritated response in local chat. Not much to gloat about, but we wanted action.

The next flash on the gate was a stiletto interceptor. Shedding his session cloak he burned back to the gate, gone long before our battlecruisers could lock him. After a few minutes he jumped through again, confident in his ability to outrun our sensors and warped cleanly away toward the station in system.

At this point we discussed picking up and roaming for a while. The discussion was ongoing when through the gate jumped a harbinger, then a spike in local as it was followed by the action we were looking for. I melted first, as the closest to the gate because of my short range weaponry. My pod appeared inside a bubble layed by an enemy sabre and after a few seconds I awoke in a clone back in highsec.

The harbinger that jumped through first ended up dying to our guns, but that was only a pinprick to the fleet that wiped the floor with us, a mixed group of at least 32 including two interdictors and a HIC. In all our only surviving ship was the oracle, and three of us were podded. Not the result you hope for but we were invaders in their space and if it was our home being camped we would not take kindly either.

The insurance from my myrm went toward fitting a drake, as I learned from the experience that being the close range man in a med-long range gang is painful. The drake will also hopefully be useful for solo work in the wormhole, so dual purpose. After loading my new clone with the extra set of implants I had waiting and upgrading my medical clone it was back to the wormhole to look for more adventure.


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