Posted by: shatteredblog | April 9, 2012

Making PI in the Wormhole, Part 1

I’ve moved into a wormhole, and with that news comes a variety of new possibilities. A lot of what is common in w-space I’ve never done before… but after moving my five starting ships in the second thing I did (after making a few important bookmarks) was go back to something I do know, Planetary Interaction.

Spent a while the past week thinking about what to make, and how to arrange it. On my planets in highsec I had a Robotics line going that produced on the order of 150 units a week. For this, I made the p2 components each on one planet and then exported them to one of the planets making Consumer Electronics for assembly to Robotics. It was a great moneymaker but after reading other peoples theory for colony management I found I had lots of room for improvement.

Part of the problem is powergrid. The new extractor control units are great for daily refreshing of your harvesting program, but they make building an effective two resource planet difficult. On my Consumer Electronics planets I needed both Base Metals and Noble Metals, but did not have enough pg to have two controls and twenty heads to harvest them. Instead what I did was have ten heads on Noble Metals (being the less abundant of the two) and four on Base Metals. This was fine for highsec where your yield doesn’t overwhelm two basic and one advanced industry modules, but in the wormhole resources are many times more abundant.

The second issue is logistics. I’m in with a corp now that is fairly deep in wormhole space. Routes to known space aren’t common, and useful routes that are direct to highsec or a single jump through lowsec are even less so. Making Coolant, my second product in highsec, was a great moneymaker  as it is high trading volume and needed for POS fuel. It is a p2 product however, and the volume of what a week of wormhole production would yield is larger than I want to deal with. This is mitigated a bit by my corp’s program of buying PI goods, but even with that is a logistical nightmare. So my goal was to make a product at p3 or above.

What does my final colony plan look like, and how is it going? Find out in PI part two: the extractor strikes back! Coming soon, so look for it.


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