Posted by: shatteredblog | April 16, 2012

Making PI in the Wormhole, Part 2

We left off on this topic with the issues related to doing PI in wormhole space and how I had been spending time working on a new plan to maximize profit while keeping logistics to a reasonable level. Today I want to show you what I came up with and talk about what comes next.

If you recall the first problem was one of powergrid. To work with the increased abundance of resources in w-space I decided to move from a one planet p2 model to a single resource planet one. In this design I have one extractor control with ten heads supported by two launchpads and a host of basic industry modules.

A single extractor control unit with ten heads set to 23 hour cycles is yielding me between 1.1mil and 1.6mil units of p0 per day. Depending on the planet size I have had pg for between 7 and 9 basic industry with command center upgrades 4, so the raw extraction overwhelms my refining capacity and requires extra storage. Using this setup I am producing p1 at a good pace on four planets to feed p3 production.

All this p1 is being transported to a pure production planet for further processing into my p3 component, Hermetic Membranes. I decided upon that after looking at the abundance of resources on the planets available in my new home and also the buying price of the corp PI program. My production planet is the smallest radius planet in system to minimize link power use and includes 2 launchpads and 21 advanced industry units. These are in groups of five, with four making p2 products and the fifth making the p3. That extra one left over is making coolant from some overage I brought in with me from HS, and will be making coolant full time when I can colonize a sixth planet.

I’ve found that one character can’t keep this setup running constantly, as extraction output doesn’t match the maximum input. At best I’ve been able to manufacture 215 units of p3 in a day, which is still better than a week’s work in highsec. My logistics needs are moving p1 around to feed the production, which has been happening every other day. After taxes and such I expect the setup to net me 95mil isk a week.

It’s a great improvement over highsec and it’s a work in progress to keep everything efficient. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and other parts of wormhole life. More about that next time.


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