Posted by: shatteredblog | April 18, 2012

Wormhole Environmental Effects 3: The Magnetar

Welcome back to another edition of pretty wormhole screenshots, now with extra gameplay related text! As you know by now, there are six different special environments found in wormhole space, each with a unique set of effects. Today’s subject for discussion is the Magnetar.

Wikipedia tells us that a Magnetar is a type of neutron star with an extremely powerful magnetic field that amplifies the emission of electromagnetic particles. In game this is represented as a blue star ringed with waves of force that pulse as you watch. The visual effect is unfortunately somewhat close to the Pulsar, making it easy to confuse the two without the assistance of static mapper or wormnav.

Gameplay effects for the Magnetar are as you’d probably expect from the description related to electronic warfare. Bonuses to all four racial sensor types are a sort of penalty to ECM modules, making ships with low strength like Marauders even more useful in combat situations. Bonuses to the other ewar effects (tracking disruption, target painting and sensor dampening) make life in these systems sort of what people out in k-space would like to see.

The secondary effects for Magnetar systems are more annoying than useful. Penalties to all four of targeting range, tracking speed, missile aoe velocity and drone speed make it as if you suffer from enemy ewar yourself even unopposed. The positive side of these is a damage multiplier bonus, up to 200% in a C6 system!

If you get the urge to come to wormhole space from reading here, I would love to hear about it. Enjoy the scenery.


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