Posted by: shatteredblog | April 23, 2012


We live in a C4 wormhole with a C5 static connection. Static in wormhole space is anything but of course; the connection is only static in the sense we are always connected to something but that something is ever changing.

There are benefits to living in a system like this. Many of the C5 systems we connect to on a daily basis are deep enough that they have very little traffic, and a few are unoccupied. A C5 with a static C5 is a common sight, and welcome when all you want are sleepers to shoot to keep the guys busy.

When you need fuel for the towers or the hauler is full to bulging with powdered C-540 graphite then you want a connection to known space to sell it. Barring a fortuitous incoming connection from highsec this usually comes from a C5 with static C3 or C2 that then connects directly to low or high. Unless actively looking for one these have been uncommon thus far.

Incoming connections keep things interesting out in space. What looks at first glance to be an unoccupied C5 may turn out to be anything but quiet, with incoming connections galore. An incoming connection is always labeled K162 and can be from almost anywhere. One C5 system recently was like a well eaten apple and had seven total wormholes including our static, its outgoing static, two connections to null, two to C2 systems and one more to another C5. The boss said that the most he’s seen in one system is nine, which is an amazing number that I hope to never see in our home system.

So many types of wormhole. Rumor has it they are considering an idea proposed at FanFest to add even more random connections to the game as well. I for one am looking forward to seeing more of the ever changing connections in space.

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