Posted by: shatteredblog | April 27, 2012

Wormhole Environmental Effects 4: The Cataclysmic

This is the third in a short series of posts where I show you pretty wormhole pictures and talk about how they aren’t just pretty, they have gameplay effects as well. The subject for today is the Cataclysmic variable, not to be confused with a warcraft expansion of similar name.

The Cataclysmic is a type of paired stars where the smaller donates material to the larger, forming a circular trail known as an accretion disc. In game this is shown as a pair of celestials in the distance, a small blue nucleus and a great red giant. The graphics are visually similar to how the Magnetar and the Red Giant might look combined. It is visually striking and more so when I imagine that soon that large star will suck so much mass it enters supernova, destroying both it and its partner. Soon, sometime in the next hundred million years or so.

The idea of being ‘grouped’ is evident in the effects of a Cataclysmic system as well. Penalties are given to active tanking, both shield boosting and armor repair. These are complemented by bonuses to remote repair and shield transfer amounts, making logistics much more valuable in such a system.

Secondary effects for this type of system are a bonus to capacitor amount and a penalty to capacitor recharge time. As these are equivalent in percentage increase it doesn’t really offer any benefit to certain ships beyond what was naturally there. It does however make for interesting fitting possibilities with otherwise unstable ships.

Until next time, enjoy the scenery!


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