Posted by: shatteredblog | April 30, 2012

Mass Follies

This weekend was an exciting one in the wormhole, and I thought instead of writing a Hulkageddon post or rehashing Burn Jita I would tell you about it.

The static was end of life, but as it was my home static I knew there were two hours left until it’s natural death. What to do in this situation? Help it along of course… with an extra heavy Dominix and a buddy in an Armageddon. Jump out, jump in. Wait… lots of waiting.

Much can change in four minutes. The first round trip and the static system is quiet. I’d seen a scout in one of the systems beyond a while before so it’s not a great surprise when he appears on scan in the second trip. The third trip the system is quite active indeed… bomber, recon and two tengu on scan. The hole has been stressed below half mass now though, so no worries yet.

The hole went critical on the geddon’s last jump. My turn to finish it, and it’s a tense moment. If this hole collapses with me on the wrong side then I hope I can remain undetected long enough to get to a safe spot and cloak. Then I’ll be stuck needing to find a way out to known space to get back. It’s an acceptable risk with this many hostiles hanging about. I jump through.

The static system loads. Sitting 8km above me is a Phoenix, a dreadnought. It’s my first time being this close to one. It’s scary, but I am comforted knowing his ship is too massive to follow me home, and thankfully there is a wormhole for me still. Calm now, afterburner on, jump.

Back at home the hole waits for me to take a breath. I’ve begun to report it still lives as it dies, leaving hostiles to their system and us to ours. I warp back to the pos and wipe the sweat from my brow.

There are more stories from the weekend but they’ll have to wait until later.


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