Posted by: shatteredblog | May 2, 2012

Transport Tales

The bulkheads shudder as the iteron emerges from the energies of the  wormhole to the calm of space. Aboard a small face looks out the port to unfamiliar stars.

A long way from home now, eh boy? The grizzled spacer with the nutra-meal comments. “Don’t feel bad, I don’t recognize these stars either.”

A voice across the cabin says to no one in particular, “wonder when we’ll get our work assignments?” In the seat behind her, another voice asks, “how can you think about work when there’s so much new to see and find out about?” The discussion brings a chuckle to the spacer’s lips.

“Work in the colony factory is hard at the best of times. Best ye enjoy the newness of this place while you can.” He turns again to the boy whose gaze is still fixed on the porthole. The view has shifted to the burnt orange of the nebula surrounding this system.

“How about to start I tell you the story of this place? The diplomats and officials back home call it the uncharted frontier, while the businessmen who hired you on call it opportunity. The capsuleers have taken to using an ancient name for it though. Anoikis.”

The word hangs in the thin recycled air of the cabin. The spacer allows it to settle before continuing. “Did you know that it was our people, the Gallente who first visited this space? A group of CreoDron researchers jumped into the unknown seeking to understand it. Brave men and women lost their lives then and every step of the way, bringing us closer to that understanding with each breath.”

Another pause for emphasis. “You all are a part of the story now. Don’t think this is just another job like the others. Out here, men and women like you are making history.” The sudden buzz of the intraship comm breaks the spell over the room. “Well, I suppose that the rest will have to wait for another time.”

A female voice rings out over the comm. “Ambassador passengers, we are ten AU from our final destination. You will soon be able to see the planet on your screens. Welcome home. Welcome home.”


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