Posted by: shatteredblog | May 16, 2012

Wormhole Environmental Effects 5: The Pulsar

Welcome back to my short series on the environmental effects you sometimes find in wormhole space. There are six different types, each with its own graphic and gameplay effects. Today we are going to gaze upon my favorite not from a graphical standpoint but from a gameplay one, the Pulsar.

A Pulsar is a type of neutron star that emits electromagnetic energy. The name is short for ‘pulsating star’ as the emission from these is only seen from Earth when the planet’s rotation faces the emission in our direction. In game the Pulsar is a glowing blue star in the distance, similar looking to a Magnetar which as they are both types of neutron star is not unexpected.

The Pulsar gives ships in it’s system a major defensive boost. Armor resistances are increased up to 50% in all four flavors, and shield HP is increased as well. This is balanced partially with a signature radius penalty equal to the increase in shield capacity.

Secondary effects in a Pulsar system are both positive. A bonus to targeting range is complemented by a reduction in capacitor recharge time, meaning even longer that you can run that active tank.

Fly safe everyone, and don’t be like me… take screenshots!



  1. Pular nerfs armor resistances, but increases shield resists and HP, as well as sig radius. This makes you much easier to hit.

    For example, a class 4 wormhole (think of it as 1 pulsar in the universe, the class 1’s are the furthest away and the class 6’s are only 1ly away or so, class 1’s recieving the least effects).

    Description Effect
    Signature Radius +68%
    Armor EM Damage Resistance -27%
    Armor Kinetic Damage Resistance -27%
    Armor Thermal Damage Resistance -27%
    Armor Explosive Damage Resistance -27%
    Shield Capacity +68%
    Capacitor Recharge Cycle +34%
    Targeting Range +68%

  2. Wow I screwed that one up then. Thanks for the clarification boss… no idea how I mixed up the penalties here and had the armor resists positive not negative.

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