Posted by: shatteredblog | January 20, 2013

Nethack Diaries: The Adventures of Tom (III), Shopping!

Still hanging about in Minetown. The interruption with the yellow light stopped me from what I wanted to do, check out the shops! So moving on to doing that. The bookstore I’m not spending much time with other than to price ID the items for sale. Unless you’re a wizard or priest spellbooks can be dangerous to read at low levels even if you know the spell level, and I find out the one scroll for sale is a duplicate of one I have that costs 100 zorkmids. So on to the hardware store, to see if it has better deals.


The hardware store has two good things in it. A lock pick, which is one of three tools can be used to unlock doors or chests you find locked. I’d rather have a skeleton key, as non rogues get no bonus for unlocking with a pick… but I’ll take it anyway. The other item is a blindfold, which may not seem useful but will be once I manage to gain telepathy. Just about ready to leave minetown, but before I do I want to test this no message wand once more. Zap it at the open door to one of the now  empty little rooms off the path, and “The door swings shut and locks!” The wand is locking, which is good to know… most monsters aren’t smart enough to open doors.


On the way back up I meet the housecat that was wandering around again. Since I have a whistle now to make pet management easier I tame it. You can tame animals that are in the domestic category, even hostile ones by throwing them a food item that they consider a treat. For dogs and cats this is a meat item such as tripe or food rations, and for pony and horse it is a vegetable like a carrot, apple or sprig of wolfsbane. I head back upstairs whistling my cat along with me.

I’m heading back upstairs here because I would rather explore the sokoban dungeon branch before heading to Mine’s End. Sokoban is a good source of food and a chance at either an amulet of reflection or a bag of holding, either of which would be very useful. It also has much less chance of dangerous traps than continuing in the mines does. So that is what I shall do, with a quick stop at the closed shop before continuing in the main dungeon.


I missed a bag on one of the dark levels, and when I #loot it it bites me. This is a bag of tricks, which when applied summons a random monster. Useful only while you want to create monsters, but I bring it along anyway.


I’m ambushed by a pack of gnomes and their minions on the top floor of the mines. The cyan potion was paralysis, which luckily only lasted three turns but still scared me. I decided to let the housecat chew on the homunculus but it is overcome and dies (sad). I clear the way myself and move on petless.


A bit further on there is another floating eye. I picked up some daggers along the way so I should be able to kill this one will ranged attacks. I throw my daggers and they strike true.


Good timing on feeling hungry, because I’m about to eat me some floating eye corpse. Only 50% of eyes will leave a corpse, but when one does it has 100% chance to give you telepathy.


The corpse was rotten, but after I wake up from passing out I finish eating it anyway. You feel a strange mental acuity. Now when I wear my blindfold I will be able to see creatures on the level that have minds, anywhere on the level. It doesn’t work for mindless creatures or undead, but is amazingly useful. Of course, I forget to wear it when passing DL 2 to see what the demon is up to. Oops… oh well, he didn’t molest me on the way through to DL 3 so guess I’m lucky for that.


The message in the dust has worn away a bit when I get back. Things you engrave or write in the dust will become illegible once they’ve been walked on enough, which makes Elbereth a temporary respite unless you have a permanent way to write or you can levitate (if you don’t touch the ground you don’t smudge the writing). I use the lockpick to open the door, and let’s see what kind of shop we have.


It’s another hardware store, and a big one. Renrut has some good stuff, including towels, expensive cameras, candles and leashes but what catches my eye is that lamp up there. A magic lamp is a permanent light source while it stays magic, and if you have a way to bless is an 80% chance at a wish when #rubbed (positive luck applies). Hoping this one is magic.


Unfortunately it isn’t, can tell by the price. I rename it oil lamp and drop. I buy the candles he has for sale and both his magic markers so I can write scrolls when I identify the useful ones. Nothing exciting happens after I leave the shop and head to DL 4.


Coyotes! The coyote is one of my favorite monsters in the game, and it’s because of the description when you look at one. In an homage to the roadrunner cartoons every time you look at a coyote the name changes, here it’s Eatibus Anythingus. When I used to play on my pc using the Falcon’s Eye port the name would change on mouseover, which was always hilarious. Can’t tame them though, so they die.

T3652I wear the blindfold to take stock of the level before I begin opening doors. The only creature with a brain on the level is a gecko, heh. So for now anyway it seems safeish here.

Next time, more exploring and monster bashing!


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