Posted by: shatteredblog | December 19, 2013

Back to blogging, and Hearthstone

Hi everyone! Sorry for the long break from blogging, no excuses from me but I’m planning to get back into it more regularly.

I’ve been spending time in the Hearthstone beta the past couple months and really been having fun with it. The game itself feels a bit rough, not yet well-developed but full of potential.

I hate to spend money while the game is still in beta, so I’ve been playing with mostly basic cards and the 20 or so packs I’ve bought with quested gold. Part of the rawness of the game is in the weakness of some classes without bought cards. Shaman especially suffers from this, with their lightning storm and forked lightning removal cards both rare and definitely much missed compared to a class that has strong removal in their basic cards. I could give other examples, but I have a feeling that this will improve with more expansions.


I hate how much art is re-used from the ccg game. I’m sure that it’s less of a big deal to people who haven’t played the ccg but it grates on me. The beautiful animations for gold cards are great though, and the animation and voice clips in game really give it something special.


I’ve also dabbled in the arena lately, but I am apparently terrible at it with a 4-3 best record. Will have too keep trying, as arena rewards are really nice after the latest patch.

Final thought – I can’t stop saying “Who?” when the Blood Elf shouts “For Lor’themar!” before attacking. I can’t be the only one.

See you next time!


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