Posted by: shatteredblog | December 22, 2013

Back in action

I recently resubscribed to Warcraft, and the past few weeks I’ve been running around the timeless isle getting gear for the hunter. Here are a few highlights from the world of Azeroth!


The timeless isle has been good to me, with my eighth burden of eternity dropping last weekend. This means my hunter has an ilvl well above the requirement to queue for the new Siege of Orgrimmar raid. I’ve been hesitant to though, because even with my gear improving DPS isn’t keeping pace. I bought the bow from the timeless isle (and promptly transmogrifyed it to a gun) but it upgraded is only ilvl 484 and it shows. I also had the pleasure of summoning the Dread Ship rare the other night, obligatory corpse screenshot.


I’ve also been pet battling a bit. Got the 250 wins achievement and have been leveling a team to try some of the higher level battles. An addon that has really helped is PetBattle Teams, that allows you to set teams of three and switch between them at a click. Makes keeping track of things amazingly easy.


I also made a trip to the Isle of Giants to hunt for the Ancient Tome of Dinomancy. With stable slots being vastly increased sometime while I was away there was no excuse for me not to find and tame a direhorn all my own. The miniraptors were just a bonus 🙂

Until next time, happy hunting!


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