Posted by: shatteredblog | January 6, 2014

SoO Bosses: Malkorok


Malkorok is the ninth boss in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, and seems to be one that causes problems for raid finder groups. Malkorok you may remember is one of Garrosh’s closest lieutenants and is now twisted by mogu dark magic and the power of Y’Sharrj.

The fight against Malkorok has two phases. In the first normal health can’t be healed and any healing done fills a barrier with a maximum equal to double your health. Periodically voids will appear that will damage the raid unless a player stands in them and takes damage. The boss uses an ability called Arcing Smash to damage people standing in a section of his platform and then after doing that three times uses Breath of Y’Sharrj, which kills anyone standing in any of the three previously affected areas.


Phase two is very short, and seems to be where people have trouble. In this phase the raid can be healed again but the boss is affected by Blood Rage and deals huge damage split between people in his melee range. To combat this people need to stack with the tank to split the damage between them so it can be healed, but invariably raid finder raids will not. I find it frustrating because the people who die are the ones who know to stack.


For hunters Malkorok drops the only gun in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid, a ring and also mail bracers. I haven’t been lucky enough to get the gun yet but keep hoping.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about Malkorok, and see you next time.


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